Thursday, 5 July 2012

Well, er, this is embarassing!

"Whatever happened to your blog"? People do ask me. Or if they really were hardened fans, "Whatever happened to The Brew"?

As the final post simply stated - I ran out of juice. Juice being time, not ideas or a desire to communicate via the written word and the wonders of the modern publishing platform that is ones blog.

And yes I know, I never did launch 'Culture, Content' - but you never know. And watch out for 'What's For Breakfast' because I might launch that one day too - a mix of cod philosophy, popular culture, business gems and breakfast recipes. Ah, interested aren't ya?

Anyhow for the time being - if you do want to read me, catch me occasionally on Music Tank's blog, or Mark Mulligan's Music Industry Blog - or in the pages of other accomplished Music Industry thought-leader publications.

If you want to reach me or know what I'm up to well, you can catch me at The BPI where I am running ever more adventurous projects (wish me luck and come get involved!), or via Henley Management School where the Music Business MBA will soon launch, featuring my Innovation Pathway! Or via Par Equity re music investment ideas and ventures.

If it's Insights and Strategy your after and you are wondering how or why you haven't seen any thought provoking or ground-breaking insights from your team for a while, then also, get in touch as I might have an idea or two on that.

I will, in all honesty, be back on a blog somewhere very soon.