Thursday, 22 April 2010


Apologies that this isn't exactly a music related post, but it is at least, lyrical.

As some readers know I'm an official casualty of the 'Icelandic Ash Cloud' (why haven't they given it a snappier name?). I'm en famile, on day 20 of a 15-day vacation! We're in Singapore (worse places to be stuck I suppose) and if you wanted a flavour of the experience, it's here in a short poem I'ved called 'Stranded'. I've had another dozen thoughts on music topics but once again, no time to seriously consider writing up, yet...please be patient with me for a while longer...K


Without a flight
Stuck in 'Sing'
The "Asia-lite"
- Now one place we'd love to Sling...

Our hook?
3 young children
And a very sick mother
But Singapore Airlines
Is ducking for cover

But we won't give up
Without a fight
Though our over-rested bodies
Are more than slight

Everyone back home says
We should "make the most"
So we tuck into another breakfast
Of dougnuts and toast

No more noodles for us
We're noodled-out
We just want to look up
To the skies and shout...

"We're Stranded"!
Over-rested, over-fed
Thanks to Enforced R&R
So 3 more 'Shirley Temple' mocktails
For my girls
- at the Bintan Pool Bar!

As for the parents
We've pretty much had it
Even with the Tigers
And the local 'Tea Tarik'

3 countries, 35 immigration forms
All we ask for now is
A return to the norm

"Get us home now
"We've done it all"
- Malaysia, Indonesia,
Singapore Zoo

"Don't worry"
They tell us

"Singapore Airline will contact you"

Back soon. With luck.

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