Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 Placeholder

Hello and Happy New Year to all the Juggernaut Brew 'reader community'.

Well - the news is I've decided to take a 'hiatus' from the blog for the time being - hope you don't mind.

It's been a real pleasure running the blog - for some 2.5 years now - and I'm really proud of what it has achieved. A special thanks to all who have re-published, linked, syndicated and tweeted etc. as well as all those who have e-mailed me directly to share thoughts, music and discuss your ventures in music. The google stats still indicate there are some 600 or so of you subscribing by e-mail so thanks for sticking with me even as the posts became somewhat infrequent last year!

I've got plenty of thoughts to share and I really want to continue writing so I'll never say never, but pressure of time has scuppered JB for the present...

I'll be dedicating some of my time and resource to the music industry as ever though in 2011, starting this coming weekend with a panel appearance at the 25th Eurosonic Noorderslag in Gronland, Netherlands. I'll be doing the session entitled 'A Digital Music Journey' which takes place Saturday 15th at 12.30, hosted by the NVPI. Don't miss that if you happen to be there.

I'm looking forward to the re-convening of the BPI's Innovation Panel again this year - do look out for our progress there.

I'll be at MIDEM too, for the very first time. I'll be running a session for the MIDEM Academy on Tuesday 25th January at 4.30 - entitled Process, Dialogue, Understanding and Progress - an innovation process for digital music. Come along to take part and say hello if you are attending. Or do the same at my mentoring session for the Academy on Monday 24th at 4pm in which I'll be discussing how music can maintain its commercial value in the digital age. Again, please attend if you are lucky enough to be in Cannes.

Meantime, I am involved with a couple of digital business initiatives in other sectors too and looking to transfer learnings and experiences to and from music wherever possible.

Don't worry I'll be back...don't know when, how or where, but I'll be back!

Finally, I noticed today that according to a programme of research at McGill University in Montreal Canada, music evokes the same feelings as food or drugs - a notable change in dopamine levels. Now I know what drives my addiction to music - as fuel - an energy source - affirmation. It's all worth it in the end.

Best to all and thanks for reading.


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